This summer, I took flight and meandered my way along the east coast of Québec, through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and back to my little home in the Laurentians. And by take flight, I mean I packed my tiny red car with two dogs, a cast iron tea pot, lots of books, my trusty hiking boots, and drove off into the sunset. Or, rather, into the sunrise. There are times when moving somewhere, anywhere, jostles the stagnancy that immobilises the mind. And go somewhere, anywhere, is exactly what I did.


Here are a few photos from my trip, which I’ve finally sorted through. It only took a few months.

IMG_1598 I stopped by a couple of small hiking trails on the way to Forillon. This was the roof of an old well, combed over with thick moss and flittering sunlight.

IMG_1632  I also stopped quite frequently to scribble down some ideas and have a taste of my tobacco pipe. This picture was taken after wading alongside a coast for a short while, then climbing up on some rocks and settling down with some tea and a book.

IMG_1786  That’s one of Forillon’s iconic rock faces in the background! Monty was having a quick rest after having me carry him up and down about 200 steps. It’s a hard life.

IMG_2577 IMG_1836Hiking up to a lean-to, along the International Appalachian Trail, during a thunderstorm. I don’t think the dogs were too pleased.

IMG_1822 IMG_1907

IMG_1900 Evening writing session, with my makeshift tea-warmer. It took me a very long time to light that fire (my matches were all completely drenched), but the warm earl grey tea was absolutely worth it.

IMG_1675Jasper belongs in a magazine.

IMG_1891   More little sleepies.


IMG_2020  IMG_2094 The easternmost tip of Forillon National Park had some of the most beautiful forests. Jasper was happy to hunt all the little chipmunks in the area. We nearly missed a mother bear, porcupine, fox, and countless birds and smaller critters.


IMG_2133 Monty sleeping on my towel, as we watched some friendly seals play around the rocks. The seals were too far for my 50mm lens to catch properly :c

IMG_2151  IMG_2227Ah, the Acadian forests of New Brunswick, in Fundy National Park. One of my favourite places on this planet.

IMG_2244  IMG_2248  IMG_2273    IMG_2337

IMG_2363 Monty gets lots of cookies for being such a good model. But it’s never enough.

IMG_2398     IMG_2480  IMG_2520Having some dinner by an inuksuk, in a gorgeous cove a little way’s away from Alma, NB.

IMG_2554Early morning fog in the Acadian Forest.

IMG_2620  IMG_2648 Monty is nine years old, and is actually rather lazy, so some hikes were a little tough on him. I gave him plenty of opportunities to nap, mostly so I could take photos of him sleeping in the moss.

IMG_2744 On our way back home.

IMG_2779 IMG_2796



Most of these photos can be found on my online portfolio.